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elemental empathie

Premiere 2017 im  Essen Deutschland


"Elemental Empathy"


Is a Performance in which dance, music and improvisation are used as expressive tools, in order to bound the spectators with the inner state of the artists. Based on the study of diverse living species’ evolution, we find that, despite the obvious differences found between a beetle and a a moss, all the living kingdoms share the same primordial and primitive root (the same molecular maelstrom). We are elementally constituted by the same sensible matter as a fungus, a fly or a chimpanzee. We could name all the eukaryote beings.


The kinesthetic artist Camila Scholtbach through an exercise of propioception, uses the previous recollected information, in order to emulate in herself conditions that are not necessarily related with the human concept, transiting by diverse life expressions, nourishing form the given musical vibrations.


The space closes and connects, Joan Chávez explores from the extended techniques of the double bass, promoting a singular and refreshing sound. It is a symbiosis of inspiration.


The audience find in this performance images that rapidly are reflected in their memory, building a conceptual abstract map that bounds meanings and symbol.

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